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Twitter Chatter: What’s New On The Beat

Our Weekly Pick of The Best & Worst from Twitter

We spent 100s of hours on twitter, so that you can pretend to be socially active in just 5 minutes!


We have been struggling with this Twitter thing for a while now. As we are fond of telling our followers, we are officially #TooOldToHashtag. But nothing beats the medium as the indicator of the zeitgeist (embarrassingly, all that the zeitgeist seems to care about is #SalmanTheRealLifeHero, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles).

Without much ado, we present our 10 favourite tweets of the week for you. Some of them may make you laugh, and others despair, but what not much we can do about that except promise to never tag our posts with #SRK7million.

10. On the madness of election year

9. On how to be a good loser. (Jokes apart, Berdych remains one of our favourite Tennis Players to never win a Grand Slam)

8. Because he’s so pretty

7. There’s a first time for everything

6. It’s sad because its probably true

5. We can see why this account is all the rage these days. Pakistanis love it, the Indians twitterati is trying desperately to create its own Majorly PhD, Expert

4. That’s why we say go for that cupcake

3. Our wishlist for this election?

2. Just what we need to see before braving Delhi streets on the eve of Holi

1. And finally because we can’t wait for the next season to begin.

Photo Credit: Dustin Diaz via Compfight cc

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