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New Beginnings: Get Rid of The Mess!

If you are to make a new beginning, the baggage must go!

You will never read that David Foster Wallace

The following must go:

1. The post-modern ‘clever’ books that you’ve read the first few pages of and never ventured ahead.

2. The stubs of lipgloss and dried nail enamels that stay on your dresser, fooling you into thinking that you still know how to party.

3. The disgusting liquers that remind you of exotic vacations and were bought in a moment of duty-free madness.

4. The delivery menu from that sushi place that you now have in triplicate. (We both know you will order biriyani anyway)

5. The gym membership card, the gym pants (that you now sleep in), the gym shoes, the gym sock singles(just as soon as you find a pair of them), that blasted ab blaster bought late night from the Teleshopping network.

6. The Truffaut and Fellini movies you downloaded late night in college and burnt on to CDs convinced you need a world cinema education.

7.The ‘aspirational’ size 26 jeans that even the mannequin in the store barely fits into.

8. The lemongrass powder, the worcestershire sauce, the three layer cake baking pans, the fondant mix, the coffee grinder, and other  assorted remnants from your home-cooking phase. (We both know you will order biriyani anyway).

9. The 6 inch heels you can’t wait for more than six minutes without crying or falling backwards.

10. The fruit in the fridge.

11. The frozen rajma from mom’s last visit in the freezer.

12. The anti-ageing creams with complicated daily application rituals.

13. The piled up episodes of Mad Men on your DVR . Give in to the inanity of How I Met Your Mother for a hundredth season in a row.

14. You guitar, your sitar, your tiny sewing machine, your DSLR camera with a tripod. Who needs a hobby when they have a television!

15. Your television. Who needs a television when they have the Internet!


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