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We Know It’s Women’s Day When…

Yay, Chocolates!

Happy Women’s Day to the women who want change, and not just 10% off this 8th of March.

Celebrating Womens Day

Ooh, you hear that!

It’s the sound of women across the land celebrating and shrieking in joy as their womanhood is celebrated and venerated. We know it is a special day for women when:

1. My employer gifts me a box of chocolates with a note that reads : “We will probably bridge the gender gap in salaries and promotions in the next 100 years. #Excited  #Progress”

2. A fairness cream promises to donate 0.00001% of its profits towards the education of young girls (to make the world a fairer place, you see).

3. Politicians talk about the shakti of Kali (THANK YOU!) and pledge to save my beti.

4. Hoardings of Aishwarya Rai invite me to gift myself the finest gold and diamonds – because I only deserve the best.

5. A Bollywood superstar (obviously male) takes a break from acting with girls 30 years his junior to praise his mother, wife and sister. Meanwhile, another budding Bollywood actor talks about the importance of “respecting” your partner while dancing to the latest Honey Singh number.

6. The newspapers put a smiling Deepika Padukone on the front page as a symbol of womanhood (as opposed to other days when she is only trying to convince me that Special K qualifies as a full meal for a grown woman).

7. Facebook is awash with men proudly declaring that they are cooking breakfast (read: toasting bread) and coffee (read: instant Mocha) for their wives. And these posts get hundreds of Likes.

8. Chetan Bhagat launches his latest book called “Tuesdays With Mother” while “Half Girlfriends” across the globe tell their “Half Boyfriends” that No means No.

9. The Education Ministry declares that International Women’s Day will henceforth be called Rani Jhansi Diwas in India.

10. Narendra Modi wishes me on Twitter.  #IFeelSpecial!

Happy Women’s Day to all of you fantastic women who are too good for this commercial malarkey! Use today to get back in touch with the special women in your lives, to find a cause to donate time or money to, and treat yourself to a little bit of self love.  If you are looking for something a little more meaningful, here are two of our favourite IWD2015 initiatives to become involved in:

1. Take a look at the work of Ignite: Women Fueling Science and Technologya Global Fund for Women project and see how you can get involved.

2. Did you know that a woman dies while giving birth every 8 minutes in India, and that 70% such deaths are preventable? Support a charity that works with reproductive or maternal health (You can start here with the White Ribbon Alliance).

Photo Credit: Frédéric Poirot via Compfight cc

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