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Why August Is Sisters’ Month

BFFs and Guiding Lights!

On sisterhoods and complicated sibling relationships.

There’s a reason we’ve chosen August as Sisters’ Month here on My Big Red Bag.

And it’s not because we have an issue with brothers. In fact our own brothers are goofy, competitive, at times stubborn men who we have nothing but affection for.

The reason we are celebrating sisterhood is because we have an issue with the narrative of the ideal sibling relationship.  We have an issue with the idea that a brother should promise to protect and that a sister needs protection. We have an issue with the idea that a family is incomplete without a brother or boy child to carry forward the legacy. We have an issue with the belief that brother-less families are some how rudderless, without a guiding light to navigate them through difficult times.

Every Raksha Bandhan we can’t help wishing for a relationship of equals – where brothers and sisters (or sisters and sisters), both tie a Rakhi around the other’s wrist, both promise to look out for the other, and both reminisce over the years of laughter and shared memories they’ve lived through.



All this month, we will share our Stories of Sisterhoodof ordinary (and extraordinary) sisters who love each other and have made the other better in subtle ways. If you and your sisters want to tell us their story just drop us a mail at

And spend Raksha Bandhan with all your siblings – sisters and brothers- in a joyous celebration of the sibling bond, without falling for the gendered stereotypes or narratives society wants you to believe in.

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