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You Tube Worm Hole: Weekend Inspiration For Working Women

Because women matter!

Six videos to remind us why it’s important to have many more women participate, and lead, in the workplace

working women India
I may be the first woman member of Congress but I won’t be the last

So declared Jeannette Rankin when she became the first woman elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1916. In the 98 years since her election, many more women have not only risen to prominent positions in business and politics, they have also scaled Mount Everest, travelled to space and made several breakthrough discoveries and inventions that have shaped the world as we know it today.

There are many more women entering the workplace (both formal and informal) as compared to a century ago, but there are just a handful who make it to the top.

As working women ourselves, we at MBRB have often touched upon the various facets of women at work – through interviews, surveys, discussions and reading lists. Today, we look at a few essential videos that not only remind us that the road to equality is long and hard, but also provide some important tools – and much needed humour – to equip us for the fight.

Have a great Friday, and three cheers to women who work!

We still have a problem and it’s a real problem…Women are not making it to the top of any profession, anywhere in the world…We also have another problem, which is that women face harder choices between professional success and personal fulfillment

We may or may not agree with Sheryl Sandberg on Lean In, but we have to credit her for turning more women in the Boardroom as a cause worth fighting for. Watch this 2010 video for some great insights on what women can do as individuals to overcome some of the more systemic biases in the workplace.


Prepping yourself to demand a salary increase? This video demonstrates that the fastest way for women to get a raise is by…well, let’s just say the answer won’t come as a surprise.


One of the most important words in my vocabulary is No…Because when I’m saying a No to something in my life, I’m saying a resounding Yes to something else

Social entrepreneur Sarah Hernholm’s TED talk on authentic self expression is a great watch for everyone. We also love how she addresses some habits that are peculiar to women, such as the inability to say No!


I figure if we’re going to run our businesses like it’s the 1960s, I’m going to act like it 

Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame serves a timely reminder that our 21st century, always-wired offices are still at least half a century behind when it comes to gender equality.

christina hendricks Mad Men

Click here to watch the video


I’m a product of opportunities, rare opportunities that girls in the 50s in India didn’t get

Despite a plummeting ranking on the Gender Gap Report, we Indian women have several remarkable role models when it comes to working women.  Watch the inimitable Kiran Bedi for inspiration on overcoming karma and charting your own destiny.


My liberation as a man is tied to your liberation as a woman. 

Finally, it’s important to remember that men suffer from gender stereotyping as much as women do, and that we need both men and women to understand the need for greater participation of women in the workplace. Much before Emma Watson demanded that men join the feminism movement with her #HeForShe campaign, we had Ret. Rev. Tony Porter talking about the “Man Box”.


Also check out our reading list for working women and commentary on the latest Gender Gap report. For more articles on working women, click here

Christina Hendricks’ Image courtesy: Flickr, Cover Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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