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You Tube WormHole: 6 Female Comedians to Laugh With

Some of our favourite comic voices!

6 funny women, hours of Youtube fun

Laughing Woman

Do you occasionally fall into a Youtube Timesink- those times you start with your favourite Ghulam Ali ghazal, and then notice something else you absolutely must listen to on the right hand side, and then next thing you know half a morning has gone? Well, we’ve got an entire morning and a half’s work for you then, with our list of 6 Female Comics to laugh with. We aren’t going to include the ones you’re already addicted to here, but do hope you find a couple of new addictions to get your daily laugh fix from.

Kate Micucci and Riki Lindholme

29/31 encapsulates everything we love about Garfunkel and Oates, Kate Micucci and Riki Lindholme’s novelty band. Micucci’s twee ukelele, the comedy they derive from the travails of a single woman (see also ‘Pregnant Women Are Smug‘), and just how insanely catchy their ditties are. After listening to the song for the first time, you will find yourself humming “There’s nobody left, I’m all alone!” at the worst of times, and thats a good thing!

Sarah Haskins

No one makes fun of media’s expectations from women as wonderfully as Sarah Haskins does. You can spend hours just looking at her “Target Women” series that talks about the different ways in which media, well, ‘targets women’ and how politicians target the women vote! Or to get a taste of her comic sensibility, watch her as Clarissa G in this hilarious spoof video that teaches you how to be sexy. If you like her comedic voice, you will also love the one-season wonder Trophy Wife that she co-wrote.

Jessica Williams

It is not easy to stand out among the roster of smart comedians on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. But Jessica Williams owns every minute of screen time she gets. And we are with her in her crusade against cat callers/ ‘eve-teasers’ / whatever cute name society gives the creeps that don’t know how to keep their opinions to themselves!

Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has started a quiet revolution of sorts- mocking society’s expectations about femininity. She plays a slob, a woman who enjoys sex, and someone rotten to the core, all with an ease that defies our expectations from a beautiful blonde woman. And once you start seeing sketches from her sketch show Inside Amy Schumer on the net, you aren’t going to sleep!

Aparna Nancherla

Aparna created history of sorts in 2013 by becoming the first Indian-origin female comic to appear on Conan. But she’s a lot more than any of the labels appending her name (although we love her bit about “imperialism”).  Her slightly off kilter smile and sensibility is not for everyone (as evidenced by the number of down votes she gets on Youtube) but we are such fans! She’s a smart funny voice slowly building a reputation amongst the inner circles of comedy and is ripe for a breakout soon. Become acquainted with her work NOW so that you can tell your friends that you knew of her before she became the superstar she deserves to be.

Cameron Esposito

Chicago-comedian Cameron Esposito is out and proud – and hilarious! She is also extremely accessible through her blogs, and through this insightful column that she writes  about the process of writing comedy and learning from different influences. Between her writings and the videos, I bet we’ve got you covered for many a day!

We hope you enjoy their sketches/standup/songs and writings as much as we do. And if you have a female comic you’d like to introduce us to, go ahead and tell us in the comments below!

Also read our interviews of female comics Aditi Mittal, Neeti Palta and Shazia Mirza here.

Photo Credit: Corie Howell via Compfight cc

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