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Your Daily Read: 5 Myths About the Gender Pay Gap Dismissed!!!

Show me the money!

We aren’t getting paid enough, and its not our “inconvenient” babies at fault.

Gender Pay Gap

Ellie May’O’Hagan is our new hero.

In your daily read today, she quietly dismantles every single one of the myths about unequal pay that you’ve probably heard to date.

To put it simply:

a. It’s NOT ¬†your imagination.You ARE getting paid lesser than your male counterparts

b. It’s NOT because you are busy having all those babies

c. It’s NOT because you aren’t assertive enough

d. It’s NOT because you don’t want that senior position

e. Sexism EXISTS

We know we have many readers here working in different kinds of jobs – from traditional “white collar” ones to many others. Have you encountered institutional sexism when it comes to your monthly pay check? Tell us in the comments below!


Photo Credit: World Bank Photo Collection via Compfight cc

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