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Your Daily Read: An ATM To Report Abuse, and Sexual Harassment in Marriages

Stories from the world of feminism

Odisha comes up with a unique method to report abuse, and guess who remains the largest perpetrator of violence against women?

Kudos to Joydeep Nayak of Odisha Police for coming up with the iClik, a safe, secure and non-invasive method that allows women to report abuse.  Conveniently located near an ATM, the device allows women to report a crime while pretending to visit the bank. Women can send an email, scan a written complaint or narrate and record their experiences while at the ‘ATM’.

Launched in Bhubaneswar this September, iClik is already seeing as many as 5 complaints a day. It processes complaints in English, Hindi and Oriya and transmits them to Bhubaneshwar’s police control room for investigation.

In an ideal world, there will be fewer crimes to report. But for now we will doff our hat at this innovative use of technology that empowers women to raise their voices without fear of dismissal from a patriarchal society.

In India you will hardly find a woman going to the police station. If you have to empower the women (to report crimes), then iClik is a solution,” 

Read more here at

And why do we need a safe and anonymous means to report abuse? Because unfortunately the worst perpetrators of violence against women remain their husbands- the people they supposedly know best.  According to a recent study by Aashish Gupta of the RICE Institute, one in every 10 women has suffered sexual assault by their husband and one in three has faced physical violence from the husband or intimate partner.

And the worst part is that remains a largely underreported crime.

However, only 1% of the cases of sexual violence by husbands are reported to the police, the study shows. This ends up concealing the true and “endemic” levels of violence against women in the country.

If ever you need an argument against patriarchy, it is this support of structures that have an unfair balance of power in favour of males. From the prayers read out at the  wedding ceremony to property rights, our patriarchal religious and social structures ensure that marriages remain lopsided power structures.

Read more about the study at,  and if you see unequal marriages around you then don’t be afraid to report or speak up!

Photo Credit: Cristian V. via Compfight cc

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