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Your Daily Read: In Search of a ‘Suitable Boy’

Catch of the Day

Girls, you are in luck! IIT/IIM Graduates are looking for you!


We have been a bit bemused by the brouhaha over social media for the last few days,and can’t help thinking how terrible the entire idea is!

a. For one, the last thing our country needs is a new caste system, and holding the so-called ‘elite’ educational institutions at a pedestal is misguided at so many levels.

b. The founder hasn’t helped things by giving one terribly tone deaf interview after another, where he justifies the portal’s more-inclusive criteria for women applicants thus

“It is not a chauvinistic discrimination, but some highly-educated men, in terms of practicality, like women who also consider taking care of the home a task as good as a job.”

c. No one, and we repeat NO ONE, should marry the kind of man who advertises himself on the basis of the place he was educated at! If that’s the most interesting thing he can say about himself, then he’s probably led an extremely boring and colourless life.

And that is why Your Daily Read today, is this brilliant take-down of the idea by Piyasree Dasgupta:

Now, it’s no secret that the smartest of these Indian men are outwitted by the desi bai.

You can’t blame a man who eats gallons of vegetable oil for dinner to want to marry someone who manages a bai better – force her to cook real food as opposed to imaginary edibles swimming in oil, make sure the undersides of the beds haven’t turned into roach nurseries and intimidate her enough for her to turn up on national holidays.

 There are good men out there, girls (should you be so inclined), but you are unlikely to find them on this latest matrimonial portal. We can (ALL) do better than this!

Photo Credit: Henna Sooq via Compfight cc

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