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Your Daily Read: Its Getting Late, Switch Off That Smartphone

The Curse of Accessibility

Are you also addicted to refreshing your inbox till well past midnight?

Addicted to Email

Do yourself a favour and note these numbers down for a week or so:

a. The last time in a day you respond to an email.

b. The earliest you check your smartphones.

Derek Thomas contends in Your Daily Read – The Joys and Sorrows of Late Night Email- that this insistence on answering every single email is killing us. Your boss may send you home early because you have a school run to compete, or a tae kwon do class to attend, but does it really count if you’re going to end up answering every mail you receive till midnight?

Email consumes an average of 13 hours per week, according to a McKinsey Global Institute paper, or 28 percent of the average workweek. With the typical “knowledge” worker—that is: somebody whose professional output is creative—earning $75,000 a year, that means “the time spent on reading and answering email costs a company $20,990 per worker per year.”

In words that hit closer to home than we’d like he contends:

The culprit for my late-night email addiction isn’t the addresses in the “To:” and “From:” fields. It’s the name in my signature. We are doing this to ourselves.

Switch off that phone now. And stare at the stars (or streetlights, if your view is anything like ours). Everything else can wait.

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Photo Credit: miss karen via Compfight cc

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