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Your Daily Read: On Travelling Unplugged

Notes from an Intrepid Adventurer

Tips from a world traveller, on how you can traverse the globe without compromising on the wi-fi!!!


Tech Journalist Arikia Millikan travelled the world- 62 cities in 19 countries- last year, with “two suitcases and a laptop bag.”

In our favourite read from the past weekend, she tells you how you can travel the world inexpensively, stay connected to the Internet, and harness its powers for the greater good.

Here’s some excellent advise from her on getting free wi-fi:

The World Is Your Office
In so many of the most beautiful and remote corners of the world, Wi-Fi is available freely in restaurants and and as a convenience for customers and to keep their POS systems alive for credit card transfers. Do not resort to Starbucks or McDonald’s for Wi-Fi on the go — I never stepped foot in one while abroad despite the apparent convenience. Instead, I went where I wanted most to be, and traded my business for Wi-Fi. This worked everywhere from the swankiest of hotels in Dubai to the tiniest of beach bars in Thailand. If you’re not sure if a place has WiFi or not, go in and sit down near an outlet if you can find one. Look around and browse the menu. When the waiter comes to take your order, ask if they have Wi-Fi. If not, get up and go! This is 2014 and you have needs.

Words to live by if-like us- you love to travel, but can’t manage a day without your favourite blogs and websites!

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Photo Credit: martinak15 via Compfight cc

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