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Your Daily Read: The Girls in Pink and Boys in Blue

A new link every day: our favourite piece from the recent outpourings of the Internet.

Jessica Valenti talks about the link between gender stereotypes and children’s toys

Gender Stereotypes

A couple of weeks ago, our daughter asked for a set of small Disney planes – Dusty, Bulldog, Rochelle, Ripslinger, Ishani and El Chupacabra. They are tiny and useless and not particularly sturdy, and she carries them everywhere she goes (and bathes, and puts to sleep).  I despair at how easy it is to win her over with an advertisement, but at least it’s not PINK!

A visit to the toystore (or clothes stores) is enough to make parents scream at the gender stereotypes on display. And it is difficult to decide when, and how, they slowly make their way into your child’s psyche.

As Jessica Valenti says in your daily read in the Guardian:

Don’t get me wrong: I get that little girls grow up, and I’m not against everything pink. I don’t want my daughter to think there’s anything wrong with liking traditionally feminine things, and my daughter does, indeed, love ballet, tiaras and dressing up. But she also loves bugs, magnifying glasses, collecting rocks and riding her scooter way too fast. Those aren’t “boys” activities, they’re just fun. And there’s no reason toys and clothes can’t promote fun without sparkles or salaciousness.

Read it! Share your despair in the comments section below! And while you’re at it, if you haven’t already watched this lovely video made by the good folks at Goldie Blox, surrender to its sheer joy.

Photo Credit: RomitaGirl67 via Compfight cc

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