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Your Daily Read: Using Technology To Make Women Safer

Innovation in action: An ATM machine to lodge a police complaint

An official who is using technology to ensure safety of women

It will increase police accountability but also cause a lot of heat due to the pressures of [police] response time. One has to be prepared for it.

The Nirbhaya gang rape in December 2012 led to a slew of safety apps, accompanied with a pummelling of the already-battered police force for their inability to keep tax payers safe. Given the overall notoriety of public servants in general, and the police in particular, in our country, we are rendered speechless when someone from the system not only chooses to acknowledge the problem, but also tries to find a practical solution to it.

Today’s Your Daily Read features a police officer from Orissa who is making smart use of technology to address the big problem faced by women all over India  – how to walk into a police station on your own to lodge a complaint? Here are five reasons why we think 50-year-old Joydeep Nayak deserves our applause:

1. For moving away from official-speak in admitting that crimes against women is one of the biggest problems facing India

2. For devising a solution that is simple, easy to implement and most important of all – drives accountability in a d

3. For succeeding in coordinating across several different government departments and agencies, a Herculean task in itself

4. For continuing to evolve the solution, keeping in mind the realities on the ground

5. For being the first bureaucrat in India to hold a patent! (according to him)

Know of other innovations that help ensure the safety and dignity of women (apart from mobile apps)? Tell us in the comments below, or write to us at

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Image courtesy: Telegraph India


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