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Your Daily Read: What Should You Read Next

What you read next deserves more thought than Wishlists and Should-lists

A short and sweet primer to help you decide which book on your nightstand is The One

It’s on the nightstand. 
That’s code for, I’ve made mental note of it. Or It’s on my list but not a priority.  Or even, I actually own it, and I’ll be reading it next.

In today’s delightful Your Daily Read, Sonya Chung tries to come up with some answers to a question that has virtually every book lover in a tizzy – how to select a single book to read next from amongst the vast array of unread books on your bookshelf, not to mention  the long list stored in your Amazon or Flipkart Wishlist?

Chung has some nifty suggestions – from simply staring at your bookshelf (or a set of impulse purchases) till a single book starts to vibrate (or levitate) to the handy 25 page test and Wishlists, Friends-lists, Should-lists and more. But what we like best is the consequence that she places on the decision of what to read next, because:

It is not a casual question. We are not frogs.  We are chasing something more profound than flies.  Every time I finish a book and consider what to read now, it feels…important.

And finally, Chung reminds us that it’s important to read what we want, when we feel like reading it, for what is reading if not akin to being nourished? We can’t help but agree!

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Image courtesy: Antimidia via Compfight cc


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