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Your Daily Read: What To Watch, Listen or Read Next Week

Something fun for everyone!

From an old master, to a new podcast, to Kindle deals- pop culture suggestions to tide you through the upcoming week


Do you have tickets for Kill Dil this evening? Yes, yes, we know it is going to be terribly overwrought, horribly under baked and only intermittently delightful (personally we’d rather see Ranveer Singh and Ali Zafar in a shampoo commercial than in a khichdi Western, but that’s just us). But one has to see it to complain about it later, right?

If Kil lDil is NOT your cup of tea though, here are a list of things you can do, see, read and listen to as the weekend draws to a close.


PVR  has re-released  a restored print of MS Sathyu’s masterful Garam Hawa this weekend, and the movie remains a masterpiece..

Anchored by one  of Balraj Sahni’s finest performance, the script skillfully portrays the unravelling of a Muslim family’s firmament Post-Partition, as each member chooses between the promise of Pakistan and the pull of old ties in India. There are no happy resolutions in this story, but the film is not entirely hopeless either. If you haven’t seen it late night on television yet, then it is definitely worth the walk to your nearest theatre.

If you’re looking for a new Television show to download from #YouKnowWhere, may we recommend The Affair? Starring Jimmy McNulty from the Wire and Serial Killer Alice from Luther, the show follows the burgeoning affair between the two, even as they’re getting interrogated by an investigator for an unspecified crime. Most events are filtered through their two very different perspectives, underlying just how much we build into a narrative based on our experiences. The truth probably lies somewhere in between the stories the two of them are telling, and we can’t wait to get to the end of the season to find out what really happened.


It’s not too late to read Hartosh Singh Bal’s excellent essay on the post-hoc injustices carried out by multiple Commissions investigating the 1984 Sikh Riots.

We also greatly enjoyed this read on the male escorts industry of Australia; and what it tells us about female sexuality.

Society tells us that men are dominant and women are demure: there is some satisfaction in flipping this dynamic around. Female sexuality might be as aggressive as male sexuality – if you take out the cultural component. But equally, male sexuality can be much more about emotional needs than carnal desires. If anything, what the new phenomenon of male escorting shows is that men and women who buy sex are more alike than we thought. As for the escorts, the job comes with sacrifices. Aside from Tom, none of the escorts I spoke to had managed to sustain any meaningful romantic relationship.

Personally, we will be curling up in a quilt to delve into Revival”, Stephen King’s latest pot boiler. George RR Martin should learn from latter-day King as he churns at least two full length novels a year. The quality may be hit or miss, but they’re always worth a weekend’s read.

Also, if you’re a Kindle user, you must take advantage of their monthly deals and spend $2.99 (or Rs. 279, depending on where you buy it from) and read the Crimson Petal and the White- one of our favourite reads from the last few years. At 922 pages of social commentary, narrative twists and historical romance, its money well spent.


You have to start listening to The Serial!!! A free podcast narrated by the wonderful Sarah Koenig,every episode sifts through evidence from a 15-year old murder case, interviewing as many of the suspects, jurors, administrators and witnesses from that time that it can. It doesn’t promise a resolution but the story of Hae Jin Mee’s murder and Adnan Syed’s subsequent conviction remains a wonderful look at the American Justice system, and also at the different ways we all process the same evidence and testimonies.

And lastly, here’s one of our favourite songs from recent times to tide you over to the next weekend. The entire album by Jessie Ware is 80s in the best possible way!

Put it on loop, enjoy, and don’t forget to tell us what you listened,read and watched this weekend. 

Photo Credit: blmurch via Compfight cc

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