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Your Monday Must List: Summer’s Here Edition

Ideas for #NoOrdinaryWomen

Things we are loving, using, coveting this week.

Every Monday the team at looks far and wide at the ideas, fashions, books, food and more that you MUST try out this week. Saw something that you want to include in this list? Tweet to us at, drop us a message on Facebook, or mail us at

Must Read


Why does history often become a series of stories about great men? Why do we not know enough about the women who marched besides Gandhi to Dandi, or about those who helped draft the Indian constitution? Mathangi Subramaniam corrects this wrong in her delightful Dear Mrs. Naidu. As the protagonist, present-day Sarojini, navigates the tenets of the Right to Education act, she finds an unexpected hero in her namesake freedom fighter. We loved this wonderful book where nearly all the lead characters were women, and were pleasantly surprised to find out how much more there was to Mrs. Naidu than the poems in our school books. You have to buy this book for the little girl in your life who wants to be more than just a princess or ballerina!


Must Drink

Aam Panna. Home made. Nothing else will do this time of the year. If you don’t know where to get started then try this easy recipe right here. And if, like us,  you are slightly obsessed with pairing fresh fruit  with liquor (or skipping the fruit altogether!) then head over to Vasant Kunj for Monkey Bar’s Mangaa or replicate it with the help of these instructions

Must Indulge
Soul Tree Neem Wash

Soul Tree Neem Wash

The SoulTree Nutgrass & Neem with Soothing Chamomile Face Wash is made up of such wonderful ingredients we wish they’d introduce an Iced Tea version. Just perfect as a gift to you and your skin after a day out in the sun!


Must Eat

If you’re from Mumbai or Dubai you know about It is the perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth without feeling quite as guilty. And now they’re delivering a small selection of their goods to Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad! Order their delectable almond cookies (you won’t believe they have no sugar), and thank us later for the smiles they brings to your day.


Must Try


There’s a reason all the cool kids are buying these grown-up colouring books. They are hours of fun on a hot hot day, satisfy your creative side without being too complex (there’s no way the My Big Red Bag girls will pick up an easel!), and quick to finish! Give the larger petals/sections/columns to your little one for a great group activity too!


What’s on your shopping list this week?

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