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Your Monday Must List: Will Summer Ever End?

Finally, a book series with a finite end!

Stationery, Rainy Day Cushions and Iced Tea Pitchers make our weekly shopping list.

Every Monday the team at looks far and wide at the ideas, fashions, books, food and more that you MUST try out this week. Saw something that you want to include in this list? Tweet to us at, drop us a message on Facebook, or mail us at

Must Read

This week we are holed up in our houses devouring the third and final book of Amitav Ghosh’s Ibis Trilogy. By divesting history of a hero’s narrative and transferring its impact to the bystanders,  Ghosh has created a compulsively readable series (and at 600 something pages a book, it is less than half the length of A Song of Ice and Fire). Every page of The Flood of Fire is full of arcane information and wonderful twists. As the action shifts from Hong Kong to Bombay to Calcutta, you can’t help but get immersed in this dramatic retelling of the Opium Wars.  Besides, we can’t wait to find out what happens to our favourite characters – Deeti and Zachary Reid.

Must Gift


If our shelves weren’t already creaking with “Things We Love But Don’t Always Get Around to Using”, we’d buy everything at Letter Note. For now we contend ourselves with just two of their minimal designs. Their “Do Epic Shit” coaster reminds us to, well, you know…. do stuff, and their little notebooks are perfect for stuffing into a bag and taking notes as you zip through the day. In fact, everything in the store would make a wonderful gift for best friends and crazy work colleagues.

Must Indulge

Urban Tweeters_ MugsUrban Tweeters Pitcher

Over at, their Urban Tweeters collection is both practical and full of whimsy in the manner of the best ideas. We can imagine countless sun soaked afternoons spent pouring chilled Jasmine Iced Tea from the pitcher to those matte finished white mugs.  And when the sun sets, we can take the same pitcher inside for a gloriously heady cocktail.

Must Watch

Jamuura Film’s Char Cutting is worth the price of admission just for Vijayeta Kumar’s keenly felt Blouse.  Drenched in the milieu of small-town Rajasthan (but eschewing the sand dunes and cliched imagery), the short tells the story of a hapless husband as he tries to find a woman of the same bust size as his long distance wife to get a blouse switched for her. The end result is a bit Malgudi Days, a bit trenchant commentary on the way genders interact in small-town India. Overall, it’s a whole lot of fun.

Must Dream

Olie Rain Dance

It may be a while before it rains, but Olie’s lovely Rain Dance collection of linen and home accessories can remind you of the succour that rain will soon bring. Bright, cheerful and with a cloud burst of colours, these cushion covers are perfect for a summer home that is getting ready for the magic of the rains.

What’s keeping you sane this week? Want to escape to the rains already? Fill this form or send us a mail at to be among the first to be informed of MBRB’s Monsoon Story Box.

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